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Bentley Marbella presents the new Bentley Continental GT Speed

Marbella, 17th September - C. de Salamanca, authorised Bentley dealer in Marbella, presented the latest Bentley model, the Continental GT Speed, as a highlight during the Laguna Village Polo 2007 event held at the Polo Club Santa María (Sotogrande) on 15th September, with teams from Bentley Motors Marbella, Styger & Partner AG Wealth Management, Switzerland, and Laguna Village. The Styger & Partner AG team went on to win the tournament, Bentley Motors Marbella and Laguna Village took second and third place, respectively.

Throughout the tournament, everyone had the chance to admire Bentley Motors’ alluring new model, the Bentley GT Speed. This coupe has the distinction of being the most powerful car yet to be produced by the British company, with an impressive 610PS delivered by the renowned twin-turbocharged W12 engine from the regular Continental. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds easily places the GT Speed in the select class of high-performance sports cars, with a stunning maximum speed of 326 km/h.
This latest addition to the Bentley family was designed closely along the lines of the Continental GT and has received great praise for its distinctive muscular, elegant form. It has enhanced the concept of the contemporary GT coupe, with an eye to the future yet loyal to the legacy of Bentley design. The style of the GT has aroused great interest among customers. Bentley has created a car worthy of becoming a design icon of our times.

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