A greener future: Bentley reinforces commitment to the environment

Bentley Motors has become the first automotive manufacturer to achieve re-certification of the triple Carbon Trust Water Standard for carbon, waste and water, reinforcing the company’s continued commitment to the environment.

The re-certification follows the increased investment in new sustainable technology and year-on-year progress in its manufacturing environmental performance, keeping Bentley’s manufacturing operations in Crewe both sustainable and globally competitive.

Bentley’s long-term strategy in making car production more environmentally efficient begins with sourcing power. The roof-mounted solar panels at Pyms Lane have contributed to 40 per cent of Bentley’s energy usage since instalment, reducing CO2 levels by over 2,500 tonnes a year.

Proof of Bentley’s advances in technological innovation and sustainable performance can be seen in Bentley’s overall energy usage. Since 2010, the energy usage per vehicle produced has been reduced by well over 50 per cent.

Further commitment to sustainable operations at Bentley is seen in the volume of water usage. The transformation of eliminating intensive water processes on site has resulted in an absolute water reduction by a further 6.1 per cent since the original certification back in 2014.

The importance of waste disposal as a social and economic duty is one area Bentley continues to focus on. Committed to maximising its recycling and reuse potential, Bentley actively encourages all areas of the business to push waste up through the waste hierarchy, which has enabled the company to significantly reduce waste to landfill and on occasions achieve zero waste to landfill.

In what is becoming an exciting new chapter in the history of the luxury brand, the importance of continually investing in new technologies that have a positive impact on the company’s carbon footprint has never been greater.

Bentley’s responsibility in maintaining a positive contribution to the environmental wellbeing of the community resonates not only throughout the factory, but also in the model line-up, with plug-in hybrid technology soon being introduced to the Bentley Bentayga. At Geneva Motorshow Bentley unveiled its ambition to define the electric luxury segment with the EXP 12 Speed 6e concept, an all-electric vehicle featuring rapid inductive charging.

Bentley will continue to focus on new initiatives to reinforce its commitment to the environment, whether this is introducing alternative powertrain technologies in future models, or reducing the environmental impact of our factory.