The exquisite interior of the all-new Continental GT Convertible is a showcase for Bentley’s unrivalled expertise in the use of natural materials that are fully revealed to the world when the elegant roof is lowered. Head of Interior Design, Darren Day, offers an insight into the inspiration of the Bentley badge when designing the interior of the Convertible.

Darren Day, Head of Interior Design:

“Our interiors draw influence from our founder’s badge, the wing B that you see at the front of the steering wheel.

The wings of the badge influence the wings inside the car, and these flow from the centre console, around the fascia and into the door tips to create a really strong feeling of spaciousness inside the cabin.    

The main event of lowering the hood is signified with a dominant chrome and piano black roof switch in the centre console.

With the Convertible roof down, one can really appreciate this wing theme on the interior, and highlight the craftsmanship that you find inside the Bentley Continental.”