Extraordinary Continental Road Trip with Autobild

The Continental range is made up of the luxurious Continental GT V8; the agile Continental GT V8 S; the consummate Grand Touring Continental GT W12; the supremely fast Continental GT Speed, and the ultimate expression of performance; the Continental Supersports. Each available as either a coupé or convertible. For this road trip a total of 13 Continental GTs encompassing the entire range formed an impressive convoy.


The journey started at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie. Completed in 2016, its unique architecture and impressive views over the port of Hamburg make it an iconic location.



"Driving through the port of Hamburg in the Continental GT, you feel like a Hanseatic ship owner" – Autobild reader



Hamburg is known as the ‘Gateway to the World’ because of its harbour, but nowhere is it’s industrial charm better encapsulated than at the Hamburg Container Harbour, where you can find containers in nearly as many shades as Bentley’s extended colour palette.



Leaving Hamburg, the journey continues through tree-lined avenues and winding country roads towards the Baltic Sea. To ensure the drivers experience the full power of the eight- and twelve-cylinder engines, a few kilometres on the motorway is incorporated.


From the industrial port of Hamburg, to this elegant panorama. The Continental GT fits equally well in the regal setting of the Weissenhaus Grand Village.



400 kilometres later, this Continental convoy arrives in Berlin, and the unrivalled road trip comes to an end. Read the full story here.