State-of-the-art technology has been integral to designing the most luxurious, four-door Grand Tourer in the world.  Uniquely, the new Flying Spur is positioned to satisfy both driver and passengers alike, enhanced with a portfolio of intelligent connected car features that make the Flying Spur the undoubted leader in the luxury car segment.

As the most advanced Bentley ever built, the Flying Spur is a fusion of cutting-edge electronics and artisan craftmanship. It represents the very latest in Bentley’s forward-looking approach to technology, blending ease of use with exquisite design and functionality.

Featuring completely new electrical systems compared to its predecessor, the attention to detail paid by the development team is evident in every aspect of the car’s development. Even the electrical consumption has been minimized to save energy, resulting in the reduction of 12V batteries from two to one.

Combined with the ground-breaking Bentley Rotating Display, up to 10 sophisticated Driver Assistance Systems are available to help the driver in a variety of situations. The Top View Camera gives an ingenious, overhead view of the car and its immediate surroundings via the image processing of pictures provided by four different cameras around the car. This is complemented by reverse traffic warning and self-parking features.

The Night Vision infra-red camera is located in the front of the car and monitors the road up to 300 metres ahead, making driving in poorly lit environments much safer. It detects and warns of moving obstacles such as pedestrians and large animals, allowing them to be viewed in the digital instrument display.

Active Lane Assist provides gentle steering assistance if it detects any drifting across lane boundaries, while Blind Spot Assist monitors the area around the car, flashing lights in the door mirrors if the driver attempts to cross the path of another vehicle. An optional Head-Up Display projects relevant information, such as current speed, speed limit, driver assistance and navigation information vehicle speed, directly in to the driver’s line of sight

Traffic Sign Recognition detects speed limits and zones in which overtaking is prohibited. When activated, its information is displayed in the digital instrument display and the Head-Up Display. Even temporary speed restrictions on roads can be detected.

The new Flying Spur’s raft of class-leading Connected car features help keep the driver in touch with a range of real-time functions and services. An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot allows up to eight phones or portable digital devices to be connected to the internet. Meanwhile, a suite of My Bentley services is on hand to enhance the driving experience.

Some features make the journey smarter, such as Apple CarPlay, which takes music, maps, contacts and more from an iPhone and delivers them via the car’s central touchscreen, and Satellite maps, which allows the navigation system to display photorealistic maps.

Other services make the car journey safer, such as Private eCall, which facilitates a two-way communication between car occupants and Bentley’s dedicated call centre in the event of an accident. Activated automatically on deployment of any of the airbags, it can also be accessed via an SOS button in the roof module overhead.

The all-new Flying Spur is equipped with a wide range of advanced connected car tools via a mobile phone, such as Find My Car, Lock My Car and Theft Alert, which warns a customer that the Flying Spur’s sophisticated alarm system has been triggered. Active Heating allows the customer to warm the cabin to a pre-set temperature before entering the vehicle.

Activate Lights and Horn helps the customer locate their parked Flying Spur, in situations such as a large car park, or at night time. Personal Navigation Assistant also enables them to contact a call centre and conduct of points of interest search of the immediate area and beyond.

Packages of options also make it easier to commission collections of features together. City Specification includes Hands Free Boot Opening, Pedestrian Warning, Reverse Traffic Warning and Automatic Dimming Mirrors. Touring Specification offers Lane Assist, Night Vision, Head-Up Display, Adaptive Cruise Control (with Traffic Jam Assist) and Bentley Safeguard Plus, with Emergency Lane Change Assist and Intersection Assist.

Located in front of the driver, the Digital Instrument Display introduces new graphics in comparison to the GT, for a more elegant bias befitting the nature of the four-door Flying Spur. It is fully configurable with ‘Classic’ and ‘Expanded’ views. The large 12.3-inch HD touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard can also be configured in a number of different ways - as a single display, split 2:1 or showing three different functions at the same time - and has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

As with every Bentley, features are added to enhance the experience of driving and travelling in the car, but never to dominate it.