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Dates Produced October 1930 - December 1932
Number Built 100
Price New Chassis £1850, £2500 saloon body
Body Saloon; 4-door, 5-seat; weight 48cwt (2438.4kg); chassis 37cwt (1879.6kg) 
Engine 6-cylinders; 110mm x 140mm, 7983cc; 4-valves, double springs; 8-bearing camshaft, 3-throw coupling rod drive; cast iron block and head integral, stainless steel jacket plates; Elektron crankcase and sump
Power 200bhp (149.1kW) or 225bhp (167.8kW) @ 3500rpm, depending on compression ratio
Transmission Single dry plate clutch; 4–speed gearbox; final drive hypoid bevel 3.533, 3.3, or 4.07:1
Chassis Pressed steel frame 0.188in (4.77mm), 7 bolted cross-members; cantilever strut and rod braced; semi-elliptic leaf springs; Bentley and Draper dampers, friction front, hydraulic lever arm rear; self-wrapping Dewandre vacuum servo mechanical brakes, front Bentley-Perrot; 15.75in (40cm) drums; worm and sector steering
Dimensions Wheelbase 144in (365.8cm), 156in (396.2cm); track 56in (142.2cm); length 201.25in (511.2cm), 213.25in (541.7cm); width 68.5in (174cm); height 71.5in (181.6cm); ground clearance 7.5in (19cm); turning circle 55ft (16.8m
Performance Maximum speed 101.1mph (162.3kph