Continental gt azure

The ultimate in wellbeing and on-board comfort in the exquisite Grand Tourer

Effortless performance and comfort over long distances have long been hallmarks of Bentley, which is now building on this reputation with a new Azure family available across all five model lines. The new Continental GT Azure prioritises the wellbeing and comfort of the vehicle’s occupants, making every journey a relaxing experience regardless of distance.

The Continental GT Azure includes Bentley’s 48V active anti-roll control system which enhances ride comfort and limits roll for smoother, more relaxing journeys. The system cushions the driver and passengers from excessive movement by electronically decoupling the anti-roll bars when appropriate to smooth the ride, then applying up to 1300 Nm of anti-roll torque in 0.3 seconds when cornering to keep the body flat and stable. Minimal body roll under hard cornering creates a soft, compliant, and refined setup for relaxed driving. The system also works with the three-chamber air springs to provide a chassis that is both dynamically capable and exceptionally comfortable.

In addition, the interior design is tailored specifically to the modern luxury customer, with unrivalled attention to detail that creates an effortless ownership experience. The cabin seamlessly integrates cutting-edge onboard technology with the finest handcrafted natural materials and includes a standout feature of a fixed panoramic glass sunroof. The results, combined, are an exquisite, harmonised, connected, and luxurious space, built with your wellbeing in mind. 

The Continental GT Azure does not compromise, however. The muscular exterior design, created using revolutionary technology, results in a lightweight, yet stiff, body. The engine is positioned further back to improve weight distribution, resulting in a driver-focused, dynamic performance. The powertrain mounting system complements the chassis as it is optimised to deliver the best balance between ride comfort, vehicle dynamics and powertrain NVH, or Noise, Vibration and Harshness. 

Where once a vehicle acoustic engineer would have focused on the suppression of NVH (areas of refinement in which Bentley cars have always led the field) the focus in the Azure suite is as much now on the quality of sound. Escaping the outside world into a personalised environment, with less outside noise, that could otherwise reduce attention, impact memory, and increase stress response, is now a priority in the Continental GT Azure suite. 


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