Speed Six

The first new Speed Six in 93 years

The Speed Six, widely recognized as Bentley's most successful racing car to date, holds an esteemed position as one of the most important Bentleys in history. Now, we proudly present the newest addition to this legendary lineage: Speed Six Car Zero. Serving as the focal point of an extensive development program encompassing rigorous real-world endurance testing and track evaluations, Car Zero will subsequently remain in Bentley's possession, preceding the production of 12 highly coveted customer cars—all of which have already been sold.

The creation of the Speed Six involved meticulous research, with a particular focus on accurately capturing the specifications and setup of the original cars that competed in the 1930 24 Hours of Le Mans. Leveraging a treasure trove of original drawings, with 80% obtained from the WO Bentley Memorial Foundation, supplemented by invaluable mechanic's notes outlining the modifications made between the 1929 and 1930 races, as well as insights derived from the Bentley Heritage Collection's 1930 Speed Six and the esteemed Old Number 3, an original 1930 Le Mans racer.

Remaining true to the authentic materials utilized in the Blower Continuation Series, the Speed Six incorporates a selection of meticulously chosen elements, particularly in its exquisitely trimmed features. Our dedicated Mulliner team delved into the archives at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire, unearthing five authentic period Parsons exterior paints. Speed Six Car Zero, resplendent in Parsons Napier Green, is adorned with a sumptuous Tan leather interior, creating a truly captivating aesthetic.

The validation program for Speed Six Car Zero is set to mirror the meticulous standards set by its counterpart, the Blower Car Zero. This comprehensive evaluation will include accumulating real-world mileage and subjecting the car to two race simulations, guaranteeing the highest levels of performance and reliability.

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