Bentley’s ambitious Beyond 100 strategy relies on innovation and technology To offer a truly sustainable, luxury future of mobility

Being at the forefront of progress and forward-thinking has always been part of the Bentley DNA.

Driving the changes as the company moves into its second century will be a paradigm shift away from combustion engines towards electrified models, as well as further improvements on the company’s operational environmental impact. 

Bentley will redefine its business model at every level, with an innovative approach to all aspects of luxury car manufacturing.

The company is currently involved in a three-year research study that promises to transform electric vehicle powertrains. The ambitious project, OCTOPUS, utilises a fully-integrated, free from rare-earth magnet e-axle that fully supports electric vehicle architecture.

Bentley’s Pyms Lane factory in Crewe has benefitted from the introduction of a range of innovative measures designed to make Bentley the world’s most sustainable luxury car maker. A dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions 
at the plant, as well as an alternative fossil fuel facility that replaces diesel with hydrotreated waste vegetable oil, are just two such exciting developments.

Meanwhile, the Intelligent Configurator represents the future of digital craftsmanship, allowing customers to create their ultimate Bentley online with seemingly endless combinations of colours and features. The system uses over 1.7 million rendered images and offers up to 10 billion product configurations per model.


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