• Featuring an exclusive removable hygenic fragrance release system to keep the helmet fresh all season-long 
  • New collection for 2022/23 winter season with Bomber for Bentley ICE Edition 
  • Limited to 200 pairs, made exclusively from the finest materials
  • Now includes poles and helmet to complement all ski collections 

(Crewe, 15 November 2022) United in the pursuit of performance, precision and peerless luxury, Bentley Motors and Bomber Ski have partnered to create the ultimate skis for speed, control and elegance. 

New for the 2022/23 winter season, the Bomber for Bentley ICE Edition is presented in a white and grey highly polished finish with six silver-plated 3D diamond emblems made of brass-polished nickel for a dynamic aesthetic. The diamond emblems are both performance-enhancing and a nod to the embroidered motifs found on Bentley’s latest leather upholstery. Each pair of skis is the result of approximately 32 hours of skilled craftsmen work and the textural finish is a rare find in the ski market. 

The ICE Edition, limited to just 200 pairs, uses Bomber’s full wood core sandwich construction for optimum flexibility, with additional materials such as Titanal and fibreglass. The skis feature compound and ABS sidewalls which, beyond finesse, reinforce structural support, enhance agility and offer a new level of comfort. They are designed to suit skiers of all levels of experience and will adapt to all terrains from ice to groomed pistes to powder. 

With the 2022/23 collection, customers will be able to add accessories with the Bomber for Bentley ski poles recalling the heritage of Bentley gear levers from the past, built with state-of-the-art materials that will bring out the best in their user. Made from ultra-lightweight carbon and aluminium, the grips are finished with soft eco-leather for supreme comfort.

Also new this season is the Bomber for Bentley lightweight helmet. Made of ultra-lightweight materials and soft, durable eco-leather, the carbon fiber helmet is designed for style and speed, as well as safety. Crafted by hand, it discreetly features the famous Bentley badge on both sides. The helmet shell is made of strong, lightweight Kevlar sandwiched between two layers of carbon-fibre for high-resistance. The core is made with expanded polystyrene for enhanced shock absorption and has excelled in impact tests. It comes with an integrated but removable photochromic visor and offers innovative hygenic materials and Solid Fragrance Release system by Oikos Fragrances. 

The Bomber for Bentley collection includes two more editions in sleek black, which were first unveiled in 2019; the Black Diamond in glossy finish, limited to 200 pairs, and the Centenary Edition, limited to 100 pairs, which feature 24-karat gold-plated diamond-shaped emblems to celebrate 100 years since W.O. Bentley founded the marque and raised the bar for luxury performance. 

The current and new collection, which sees the addition of poles and a helmet, have been conceived by Bentley’s Lifestyle Design Manager Chris Cooke, in collaboration with Bomber’s Italian-based engineers and artisans. 

Chris Cooke, Bentley Lifestyle Design Manager: “Bomber is proving to be the perfect partner for Bentley in this action-packed space, combining luxury and performance while adding some allure to skiers on the slopes. The skis and accessories we’ve designed together have been inspired by the visual language of Bentley models but everything we design has a purpose beyond decoration; the 3D geometry on the surface of the skis not only creates a dramatic aesthetic but is part of the skis structure, concentrated in areas where support and response are needed most by the skier.”

Marco Dallapiccola, Director of International Operations for Bomber: “On Bomber skis, one can feel the passion of the craftsmen that create them, an experience that no machine-made ski can reproduce. We are thrilled about this partnership with Bentley which brings our products to uncompromising ski enthusiasts around the world.”

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Notes to editors

About Bomber 

Bomber is a performance luxury ski equipment brand that is emerging as a major player in the luxury alpine world. Bomber seeks to “Aim Beyond” in every endeavor, with its mission to relentlessly pursue engineering and hand-crafting the best skis in the world in order to enable recreational skiers, of every level, to ski exponentially better and to elevate their entire ski experience. Bomber Ski also designs other leading ski gear, all of which provides the highest quality, design and unparalleled performance. Bomber Ski owns its factory in Cossato, Italy where all of their skis are produced by hand, enabling the brand to fully control the quality of its products through a team of master craftsmen. Bomber products are sold online and are available in over 40 stores in the leading resorts of Europe and the US, such as Courchevel, Zermatt, St. Moritz, Gstaad, Cortina, Aspen, Deer Valley, Jackson Hole, etc. with the global headquarters located at 681 Fifth Avenue in New York City. Beyond equipment, Bomber delivers extraordinary experiences and services in Europe and the US, designed to bring an elevated level to the ski experience. For more information on Bomber Ski, visit


Bomber for Bentley ICE Edition skis
84mm underfoot
Sandwich construction featuring Titanal, fiberglass, compound sidewall and full wood core 
Six silver plated diamond emblems (Brass Polished Nickel)
1 Bentley badge (Brass Polished Nickel Silver plated)
1 Bomber target (Brass Polished Nickel)
Equipped with unique NFC chip, to track and store each unique ski
Built for high speeds over the entire mountain
Quick turn initiation and float due to early rise
High performance in marginal and variable conditions

Bomber for Bentley skis are available in 3 sizes: 161cm, 171cm and 181cm 

Bomber for Bentley poles
Carbon shaft
Eco-leather handles

Bomber for Bentley Helmet
Carbon shell
Ultra-lightweight - weighs only 1.3 pounds for maximum comfort
Extra-large field of vision
Removable anti-scratch polycarbonate integrated photochromic visor, shielding the eyes from wind and snow ensuring an optimal vision without fogging
Replaceable Oikos fragrance hygiene system inside the helmet 
Hydrophilic moisture-wicking “2dry” technology for perspiration dispersion and quick drying
Hygenic padding through an antimicrobial process, protecting against bacteria and fungus
Hand-painted with environmentally friendly and UV resistant paint
Chin strap with metal snap lock and pull tab to open
Glasses holder on the back of the helmet
Packed in a soft case
Equipped with unique NFC chip, to track and store each unique helmet

Black diamond and Ice Skis $ 2750 or € 2750 
Helmet $ 995 or € 995
Poles $ 275 or € 275 

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