Inside the main assembly hall operate two lines, one for the Bentayga and one for Continental and Flying Spur models. Here is where every aspect of the car comes together. Wiring looms must be connected, dashboards must be fitted; engines married; the iconic matrix grill united with the front fenders; wheels attached; windscreens bonded; and seats inserted - all by the 702 Bentley employees who work in main assembly. 

When all of these elements and more have come together by hand each car is checked by eye for quality against a 500-650 point checklist. Not all checks can take place while the car is stationary, so each undergoes a four-mile drive on a rolling road, and 14 miles on the Cheshire roads around the factory, when specialists listen and feel for sounds and vibrations to ensure the character is absolutely right. 

To ensure the car is completely water-tight, each car is sprayed with 1,820 litres of water in a process referred to as the "monsoon test" before it is thoroughly checked. Finally, each car is valeted and checked a final time in the new state of the art delivery centre before it can be signed off for the customer.

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